Write Your Memoir in 10 Steps

wymi10By Kay Sanger, 2013

“Have you always wanted to write about your life but can’t get started? Do you have ideas for your memoir written on scraps of paper that languish in a box somewhere? Would you like to write your story before you’re too old to remember the events, but you just don’t know where to begin?”

You’ve just read the first paragraph of the introduction to Write Your Memoir in 10 Steps. This useful guide will dispel your doubts and show you the way to complete your memoir. It will take you by the hand and lead you through each of the steps.
With examples, exercises, worksheets, tips and writing practice, the book will help you decide what to write about, learn how to write a first draft, and discover ways to tell a good story. Along the way you will find out how to make the people you write about come alive on the page and you’ll discover your emotional truth. In the last step, you will determine what your book will look like and how you will distribute it.

Here’s what one author said about following Kay’s 10 steps:

“Kay Sanger’s method of memoir writing allowed me to achieve a long-time personal goal. My memoir is considered a family treasure to my children, my sisters and dear friends.”
Judy Skelton, author of Taking on Life with a Smile.